Personalized advice

For all overwhelmed mothers
we offer a personalized caring advice service: close your eyes and let our Pipistrelles, tiny nocturnal mammals, do the work for you! Take a little rest, while we are cooking for you pretty looks ready in your basket as soon as you wake up!

As mothers and businesswomen
we know what it’s like to be a working mum who wants to create a real family spirit, to provide a caring upbringing for her children, without giving up her personal development and emotional life. But, yes, days are often too short to get everything done and simply enjoy the present moment!

Nothing could be easier
a few messages via Instagram (@thepipistrelles) or by email to understand your wishes, your needs and your pocket.
Just a Pipistrelle flapping its wings and you will receive for yourself, your children or your friends, a selection made with care and love.