Fairechild Arbutus Parachute Raincoat


The Parachute raincoat is perfect for the active child. A hip-length fit and a scrimmed back flap prioritize comfortable play and ease of movement.  An attached hood and higher neckline keep the cold at bay. Large pockets on the front of the coat are ideal for holding snacks and treasure collections. Classic brass snaps encourage independent dressing.

Fabric: a waterproof, breathable, recycled material that contains no harmful chemicals.

Fit summary: wide cut, hip-length, scrimmed back flap, high neckline, adjustable cuffs, attached hood.


About the brand

Fairechild is a sustainable fashion brand that offers quality outerwear for today’s families with future generations in mind. As champions of the circular economy, they believe in thoughtful design, transparency and responsible manufacturing.

Fairechild encourage time outside, no matter the weather, in hope of inspiring a deeper connection to nature and environmental stewardship. Our natural resources are limited, so we must work as a global community to protect them.


Fairechild garments are classic and durable, so they can be lovingly passed down. The silhouettes often draw from the past, using heritage details and elements from minimalist, contemporary art. The color palette is a celebration of the natural world that Tabitha Osler the founder encounters, while having adventures with her children.


Fairechild garments are environmentally friendly and designed in Canada. Their small-batch approach to production reduces overstock, the Adult Collection is sewn in Nova Scotia and the Children’s Collection is made in Poland.

They work with innovative German manufacturers to create their sustainable fabric, a high-performance textile called Sympatex that’s made from 100% recycled plastic bottles. They use recycled brass and thread, the snaps have an eco-friendly coating and our finishing details are sustainably sourced in Europe.

The production process is also more ecological, using 60% less energy and 94% less water, compared to oil-based polymers. The end result is a waterproof, breathable material that contains no harmful chemicals.